Terms of Use


Are these costumes original, or being reproduced?

  "Villa Rosemaine" is a group of antique textile dealers and collectors who own only original pieces. Therefore the selling pieces are all genuine and in complet relation with their description. 
The descriptions are based on experience, researches  and knowledge of the members of "Villa Rosemaine". 

Do you disagree with descriptions? 

We do the description very carefully. But if someone has a different information or analysis from what is said, please don't hesitate to send us your comments. the expertise of antique textile is sometimes difficult, and we can do a mistake even when paying attentionIt is indeed an area in which we learn every day, even for the experts. A positive and relevant information concerning a piece will always be added in our comments.

Do you know the antique textiles? 

It is very important to say that old textiles belong to the antiques, and even in excellent condition, they are not "new". The customer may not require the same demand as a new item. They are found "as it" and you must always consider  the natural "patine" of time and the evident fragility considering their age. We strongly advise people not used to the antiques, to consider this information. Sometimes we have to accept a few flaws to have collection pieces... 

What about prices? 

 The price of  items normally reflects their rarity in the current antiques market always trying to keep in a reasonable  limit. So Prices are determined by the condition and quality of the piece in the relation with the dealing market today. Prices are all final because there are depending from an agreement between the owner and "Villa Rosemaine". However, negociation is not prohibited as long as you can do a reasonable offer closed to its price. 


Purchase Terms

The purchases are only accepted with full payment in Euros. You can also pay an advance reservation and ask to pay for your purchase in two or three times. Then the piece is shipped within a maximum of 2 business days after receipt of full payment. 

How to pay for your purchases? 

You can adjust your purchases by money order, bank transfer, Paypal or by check in euros for France. 
Please note that any additional costs (bank commission, transfer fees, Paypal commission ...) are always due by the customer. 

What about the total cost? 

The total cost of the purchase  includes the price of the piece + the exact  shipping amount (Colissimo with insurance or not) + possibly bank charges (commission, transfer fees). Thank you to contact us with the purchase form before paying to know the shipping price.
You are not satisfied when receiving the piece? 

We accept returns whatever the reason only when the customer informs us within 48 hours after date of receipt of the piece. The shipping return must be within 7 days after the reception date. After this period, the sale is considered final and we will not accept to refund the money back.
The shipping return amount is only paid by the customer and the  bank refund will be based on the amount first paid  less the additional cost (initial shipping cost and bank commission ...).

Anyway, the "Villa Rosemaine" purpose is the satisfaction of the customer, and we will always find a solution in considering the interest of the parties.