An à la française Sack Back Taffeta Silk Court Gown - France Circa 1780

Circa 1780

Superb and Complete Taffeta called Mexicaine Sack Back french gown with a mantle coat, pettycoat and stomacher. Sack back pleated mantle dress and double ruffles pagoda sleeves. Very fine brocaded taffeta silk with ombré and cannelé stripes, adorned with a fine motif of rosebuds.Ruched appliqué front ruffles, adorned with matching trimmings fly fringes. Provenance Maison Godillot Paris. The waist of the skirt has been dismantled as is often the case. Taffeta crunchy and not weathered or stained, rare in this condition and complete !. Superb condition of color and conservation.

Dimensions: Modeled on size 36/38 France. Coat front height 133 cm, back height 154 cm, shoulders 41 cm, sleeves 46 cm, chest 94 cm.