Taoist Ceremonial Dress - China Winter 1874

Winter 1874 (written in black ink on the lining)
China Qing Dynasty

Imposing ceremonial dress for Taoist Dignitary (Fa Yi) dated in black ink on the lining "Winter 1874". Purple silk taffeta and navy blue satin background, entirely embroidered with gold threads appliqued with paper core and polychrome silk threads. Very elaborate decoration of cranes, flowers, butterflies and dragons with four claws presented from the front and in profile on the background of a Svastika cross. Lining in sky blue silk with writing in black ink (expertise and Translation from the Portier Cabinet in Paris) Zi Jiang Fa Yi Winter 1874. The navy blue satin background of the sleeves and bottom of the coat has many gaps, maintained by the embroidery (probably chemical degradation). The lining has discoloration (less visible in real life than in the photo). Otherwise the rest is stable, with no holes or stains, the golden threads are non-oxidized. Very good condition of the embroidery, the red background and the dress which are in excellent structural condition despite the only faults reported.

Dimensions: Height 135 cm Shoulders 41 cm Col 19 cm Sleeves 80 cm Chest 100 cm​